Friday, September 23, 2005


North American Shipwreck & Dive Show


North American Shipwreck & Dive Show™ March 11, 2006 - West Bloomfield, Michigan

Diving, Exploration and Discovery
The North American Shipwreck & Dive Show is the premier exposition of scuba diving, shipwreck exploration and dive travel in the Great Lakes region.

We feature compelling presentations on the latest shipwreck discoveries in the Great Lakes, accounts of diving expeditions around the world, information on the latest scuba gear and underwater photographic equipment, and dive travel to locations everywhere.

Our exhibition halls display everything from the newest scuba equipment to artifacts from the oldest shipwrecks in the Great Lakes.

Recreational and technical divers from every level of training meet with each other and with dive industry professionals in an atmosphere of fun and creativity.

Free Exhibitions
Visit our Exhibit Hall and see it all for free! Our Exhibit Hall has everything in the world of scuba diving and underwater exploration. Scuba diving equipment, underwater cameras, diver propulsion vehicles, travel information, rescue and recovery teams, maritime museums, dive shops and boat charters – see it all and see it for free!

Want to see the whole wreck on one dive? Want to cover a mile of reef on a single tank? Think about an underwater scooter! In-water demos and product demonstrations.

Isn't it time to upgrade your scuba gear? See the latest in scuba diving technology and underwater exploration equipment. In-water demonstrations and hands-on displays.

Looking for new scuba diiving destinations? Meet with the industry's top dive travel professionals and plan the diving trip of your dreams.

Exciting Presentations
The 2006 Show has presentations for every diver, and for everyone interested in the maritime tradition of the Great Lakes.

We're all about sunken ships! We feature presentations on Great Lakes wrecks discovered in the 2005 diving season, and expeditions to shipwrecks in every corner of the world.

New to Scuba Diving? Try out scuba diving in a relaxed setting in our Olympic-sized pool. Sign up for a "Discover Scuba" session at the Show and see for yourself what it's all about!

Learn about underwater photography and videography from the pros! Find out how to take stunning stills and knock-out videos, even in cold water. Check out our displays of underwater photos and videos.

They're still down there! The cold fresh water of the Great Lakes preserves thousands of shipwrecks. Vessels that sank in the 1800's look as if they went down last year! Learn about our amazing underwater heritage that is unequalled anywhere in the world!

More, More, More! Recreational diving, technical diving, wreck diving, cave diving, public safety diving, equipment manufacturers, dive retailers, dive clubs, boats, charters, museums, dive medicine... see it all at the 2006 North American Shipwreck & Dive Show!

Additional information about the show, including ticket, location, exhibitor, sponsor, and media info, can be found at


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