Sunday, September 11, 2005


The S-61 "DELFIN" submarine has already been visited by 152,220 people


September 07, 2005

152,220 people altogether - 107,141 Spaniards
and 45,970 foreigners - visited the S-61 submarine
from May, 20th, to August, 31st.

Eduardo Dolón has underlined the great appeal that the floating museum S-61 Delfín has for visitors. It has in fact become a great attraction for all those people who visit the city.

Similarly, the Culture councillor reported that the S-61 Delfín Submarine has been visited by the schoolboys and girls of Torrevieja and other cities of the Alicante province.

The S-61 Delfín was retired from the active service among the Army ships on December, 10th, 2003, after 29 years of uninterrupted service at sea. The Ministry of Defence - in the person of the then minister Federico Trillo - and the Torrevieja council signed on the 4th of February, 2004, the agreement to hand over the S-61 Delfín .

That was the first time that the Spanish Army handed over one of its ships to a Spanish council.

In this way, Torrevieja has become the first municipality in having an Army submarine.
Converted for use as a 'living museum', the S-61 Delfin , a permanent static exhibition and a first-rate tourist and cultural attraction for the city, is situated in the Torrevieja fishing wharf dock.


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