Saturday, October 15, 2005


Queen Anne's Revenge Archaeological Conservation Laboratory


Open Day!!
ECU West Research Campus, 1157 VOA Site C Road,
Greenville, North Carolina
Saturday October 22, 2005
11am to 3pm

Archaeological Artifacts raised from the ocean floor at the shipwreck believed to be the Queen Anne's Revenge, flagship of the pirate Blackbeard, will be available for public viewing on Open Day.

Cannon, ship's timbers, cannon shot and other artifacts will be on display. Archaeologists and conservators will discuss artifact treatment and study, and answer questions. Current work at the QAR Lab focuses on conserving artifacts recovered from the early eighteenth century shipwreck, discovered in 1996 in Beaufort Inlet.

It is the oldest shipwreck ever found in North Carolina state waters.

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