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Stone pillars found in Sathuvachari river bed

October 03, 2005

VELLORE: There can be no divided opinion that sand mining is a threat to the existence of rivers and those involving in this illegal activity, would face legal action appropriately.

But, sometimes, it also helps in unearthing some archeological artifacts, as it had happened at Sathuvachari, near here, a couple of days ago.

The miners, who had transported sand through bullock carts, accidentally stumbled upon a row of stone pillars in the Palar river.

As they began to dig further, they were able to spot some roof plates with damaged sculptures.

The sight amazed locals, who bee-lined to have a glimpse of the stones in the river bed.Some of them opined that the stones could have formed a mantap on the river bed, after getting washed away by floods in the Palar river, centuries ago.

Others said that the stones, that had grooves on some sides, appeared as rejects.

Piles of them could have been washed away during the floods. There are a number of temples along the Palar river in the upstream, starting from Vaniyambadi, the entry-point of the river from Karnataka.

It is therefore believed that the stones could have been utilised for these temples which had mantaps.

Locals said that a burial ground nearby would have had a mantap years ago, and that would have damaged and submerged in the river bed during floods.

There had been no surface flow of water in the river for more than five years and unabated sand mining had reduced the sand level in the river at many places, including Sathuvachari.

Officials sources said that the matter had been referred to the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) for an excavation which would help in solving the mystery behind the existence of the stone pillars.


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