Thursday, November 10, 2005


Ancient Artifacts Dredged Up Along St. Augustine Beach


First Coast News
By Jessica Clark
November 08, 2005

ST. AUGUSTINE, FL -- The artifacts are coming in by the bucket load.The St. Augustine Lighthouse Archaeological Maritime Program has been receiving all kinds of artifacts since First Coast News first reported beachcombers finding pottery shards at the beach.

The artifacts are believed to have been dredged up during St. Augustine's beach re-nourishment project. The dredging may even be pulling up artifacts from a shipwreck and funneling them onto the beach.

Lighthouse Director Kathy Fleming says about 40 big and little pieces have been delivered by people who were simply walking the beach.

Fleming is thinking about using the dozens of artifacts to create an exhibit about beachcombing to educate beachgoers about what to look for while they stroll along the shoreline.


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