Friday, November 04, 2005


Ocean museum


Malta Media
November 02, 2005

From Divester, Wreck's Looters to be Charged in Criminal Ring:

Only a few weeks after looters were discovered plundering the USS New York, dive instructors in Malta are complaining that the shipwrecks off their coast have been systematically looted for the past 6 years.

They claim the wreck’s looters range from individual divers who occasionally help themselves to a random souvenir to gaggles of organized divers determined to remove all the artifacts within the wrecks.

Recently, after receiving tips, local officials started investigating some of the most notorious technical divers on these Mediterranean islands – the only ones capable of diving some of the deeper wrecks and plundering them – and their discoveries are expected to lead to the first-ever arraignments of underwater criminal rings.

Considering the oceans are the world’s largest museum, it’s probably a good idea to crack down on looting. On the other hand, I’m sure the looters are crying foul: after all, what good are beautiful treasures, if they’re lying on the ocean floor?


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