Saturday, November 26, 2005


Verhoeven returning to 'Batavia's Graveyard' - based on real shipwreck events

By Chris Tilly
November 22, 2005

The Dutch director may yet make his historical epic about a terrible mutiny off the coast of Australia.

Having spent three years stuck in development hell, it looks like Paul Verhoeven's 'Batavia's Graveyard' may soon get off the ground.

The 'Basic Instinct' director's long term labour of love was first announced in 2002, but stalled when financing fell through.

Now however, the Dutch Film Fund is investing in the project, which revolves around the bloodthirsty aftermath of the shipwreck of the Batavia in 1629.

The director's long-time collaborator Gerard Soeteman is currently working on the script, which will be based on Mike Dash's book of the same name.

'It's a story in the direction of the Bounty but it's much more about the development of a fascistic regime,' Verhoeven told Screen Daily. 'That story has always fascinated us. We said if we don’t write it now, we will never make it.

'Before then Verhoeven will make 'Black Book', a thriller set in Holland during World War II.

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