Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Sunken forest found off Cape Cod


December 04

CAPE COD, Mass., -- Scientists mapping the seabed off of Cape Cod, Mass., for a planned wind farm found evidence of a sunken forest under 6 feet of mud.

The scientists with Cape Wind Associates found a piece of birch wood, yellowish-green grass, soil and insect parts that appear to be part of the forest floor that was part of the coastline 5,500 years ago, reported the Boston Globe Sunday.

"We've been arguing for years whether there are remnant prehistoric landscapes out there and now we know they can exist," said Victor Mastone, director and chief archaeologist of the Massachusetts Board of Underwater Archaeological Resources. "This means there is the potential to go after the big theory of how did people get here and how they lived."

The scientists say that if a preserved forest rests below the sea, artifacts from ancient cultures might help answer questions about early people in North America.


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