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PAST Foundation 2006 Field Schools


Past Foundation
January 24, 2006

The Wreck of the Joseph S. Fay.

The PAST Foundation is pleased to announce six field schools for 2006,
encompassing both maritime and terrestrial sites in the United States
and the Dominican Republic. For full details, please visit the PAST website:


When Two Worlds Collide: The Taíno Meet Europe (Week 1)
Location: Bahia del Campo, Dominican Republic
Dates: May 23-May 31, 2006
Project Directors: Dr. Geoffrey Conrad and Charles Beeker
Cost for Participants: US$1,000
Positions Available: 12

This field school focuses on the collision of two civilizations that
both possessed complex social infrastructures. The field school begins
looking at the indigenous civilization of the Taíno people and their
sacred water sites that embody a sophisticated ideology. The Taíno sites
are under development for eco-tourism and students will assist in the
development and interpretive design for future site enhancement.



Thunder Bay: The Wreck of the JOSEPH S. FAY
Alpena, Michigan, June 19-30, 2006
Dates: June 19-30, 2006
Project Directors: Wayne Lusardi, MA and Andrew Weir, MA
Cost for Participants: US$1,350
Positions Available: 8

This field school will focus on documenting wreckage tentatively
identified as the steamer JOSEPH S. FAY, lost on October 19, 1905. A
large section of hull structure is located on the beach just northwest
of the 40-Mile Point lighthouse, and additional wreckage is submerged in
15 feet of water immediately offshore. The project goal is to photograph
and draw to scale all visible wreckage to produce a site plan,
structural cross sections, and obtain pertinent data to establish a
positive identification for the site. Upon completion of the field
school, participants will have completed documentation of a ship’s
wooden hull structure using baselines, offsets, triangulation, grids and



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