Friday, February 10, 2006


Deep Blue Marine Inc. Retains Treasure Hunter and Recovery Legend Burt Webber to Assist as Consultant


Do Fundo Do Mar
February 10, 2006

SALT LAKE CITY--Deep Blue Marine Inc. announced that the company has retained the services of Burt Webber to perform site analysis and site planning services for salvage recovery.
Webber has a vast experience of underwater wreck salvage and has personally made 26 historic shipwreck discoveries and has been involved in numerous recovery operations in many different areas of the world.

In 1978 he discovered the Concepcion, a Spanish galleon carrying millions of dollars in silver.

Webber is known in the salvage industry as one of the most successful salvage divers in the world. He is sought after as a consultant by governments and companies worldwide.



Here is an interview with Deep Blue Marines CEO.

Hope DPBM finds those treasures for us stockholders and be careful out there.
Looks like I am the only guy treading water with Deep Blue? Started with them at .20, .21 and at .19.

Newbie invester here and could use some advise as to when to buy in again.

These guys are going to bring up some treasures but I could use some help deciding how deep their stock will dive before they do :)

Is anybody out there with some knoledge?
I think wilf knows a lot more than he lets on. he seems like a good guy and good things happen to good people!
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