Sunday, March 26, 2006


Admiralty Holding Company Completes Survey of Potential Shipwreck Site


Market Wire
March 23, 2006

DOUGLASVILLE, GA -- Admiralty Holding Company announced today that its research ship, the R/V New World Legacy, has completed a survey of an area within a radius of two nautical miles of a point in the Gulf of Mexico. The survey included both magnetic metal and sub-bottom detection. Evidence of three shipwrecks was found. One was relatively modern (iron hull). A second ship was older but sill relatively new (wooden ship with coal debris). However, the third, as anticipated, seemed to be older and from a period of interest. This ship was also a wooden ship. This site was brought to Admiralty by Captain Carl Fismer.

Divers from the New World Legacy visually examined some of the hits and pictures were taken. No samples were collected and nothing was disturbed. Discussions are underway concerning next steps.

The New World Legacy is currently on assignment in international waters at another site brought to Admiralty by Captain Carl Fismer. This site has been code named, the "Dead Eye Site."


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