Saturday, March 18, 2006


Andrea Doria Presentation in Florida


By David Bright
March 15, 2006

David Bright, President of the Nautical Research Group Inc., will be back in the Sunshine State giving a high-quality digital video presentation on the life and times of the Italian luxury liner Andrea Doria.

The presentation is supported by the Mote Marine Research Laboratories and sponsored by Mote Trustee Robert Williams and his wonderful wife Jill on Monday March 20th at their Sarasota Florida facility.

Further information can be found at their web site and the following link.

A brief abstract of the presentation follows:

Andrea Doria: Dive to Adventure and Danger

The night was deep with fog, as the luxurious Italian steamship, Andrea Doria, one of the last of the truly elegant transatlantic ocean liners, was making for New York and safety. The Doria was completing a run from Genoa, and carrying 1706 passengers and crew. Ominously, out of the gloom and hazy mist, the Swedish-American liner Stockholm, appeared before the starboard side of the helpless Andrea Doria. Before evasive maneuvers could be fully undertaken, the Stockholm impaled its reinforced ice-breaking bow into the defenseless Doria. The impact on the 29,000-ton Italian liner mortally wounded her and she sank eleven hours later. The events that occurred following this disaster would become of epic proportions.

This program presents a multifaceted view of the Andrea Doria tracing her history from the initial planning stages to the most recent diving salvage expeditions in 260 feet of cold North Atlantic waters. Utilizing the latest multimedia digital technology, you will virtually board the Andrea Doria in its home port of Genoa, take a walking tour of all the elegant social and boarding accommodations, meet the officers of both the Doria and Stockholm, experience the collision of both ships near Nantucket Shoals, be rescued by a Doria lifeboat and brought aboard the Ile de France to safety. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity of experiencing a virtual dive to the Doria and viewing her watery remains.


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