Friday, March 10, 2006


Looking for Andrea Doria Survivors


On July 22nd 2006, Nautical Research Group, in conjunction with the Andrea Doria International Historical Society, will be sponsoring a 50th Anniversary Survivors Reunion to be held at the United States Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point New York. This event is a closed affair that is only opened to Andrea Doria survivors, family and their guests. David Bright, President of Nautical Research Group Inc., is looking for any Andrea Doria survivor that would like to be included on the invitation list so he is asking to please email him information regarding Andrea Doria survivors. He is the original founder of these reunions that started in 1990 and these reunions have been regularly held since that time.

There were six ships that saved the passengers and crew of the Andrea Doria. These ships are:

532 people saved 308 passengers 234 crew

Ile de France
753 people saved 576 passengers 177 crew

Cape Ann
129 people saved 91 passengers 38 crew

Pvt Willliam Thomas
158 people saved 112 passengers 46 crew

Edward H. Allen
77 people saved 0 passengers 77 crew

Robert E. Hopkins
1 person saved 1 passenger 0 crew
1660 person saved 1088 passengers 572 crew

If you have you information about an Andrea Doria survivor, please email David Bright at

The correct email address to contact David Bright is . Please use this email address rather than the one in the article. Many thanks!
The email is ok now. Tx David.
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