Saturday, March 25, 2006


New Home for Ship Fragment

By Tiffany Craig
March 22, 2006

A ship fragment weighing about five tons is waiting for a lift to its new home on Dauphin Island.

The piece is 42 feet long and drying out on the side of the road on the island's west end. It was dug up last month by Archaeologist Glenn Forest and volunteers. Forest believes the fragment could be part of the 19th century Clipper called the Robert H. Dixey.

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Local business owner Doug Ford volunteered to take in the fragment. He plans to put it in wet storage and then display it in his restaurant when its rebuilt.

"When there was a plea for someone to save it, I stepped right up. I think it's a wonderful piece of history that we should take care of."

Archaeologist Forest says if it's not the Robert H. Dixey, it could be another ship called the City of Biloxi. He is doing research to find out exactly which ship the fragment comes from.

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