Sunday, March 26, 2006


Ships removed as canal gets clean-up


March 21, 2006

Ten submerged vessels are to be removed in the
Bowling Harbour project.Picture: Colin Templeton

SUNKEN warships and a trawler are among some of the junk that will be removed from the entrance to the Forth and Clyde Canal as part of a £1.5 million improvement programme.

A total of ten submerged vessels, including a Second World War minesweeper and a torpedo boat, are to be hauled from Bowling Harbour in West Dunbartonshire in an effort to clear the western entrance to the historic canal.

In addition to the boat removal, the works will also see the creation of a large public events area, new moorings and car parking, the construction of a new boat storage area and facility block, and a clean-up of the nearby railway arches.

The boats, which are a safety hazard and eyesore, will be broken up and removed by international marine specialists.


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