Friday, March 10, 2006


Think They'll Call it the Shipwreck Cafe?


Gulf Shore Getway
March 08, 2006

A 40 foot long, seven ton fragment of the Robert H. Dixey found under a West End Dauphin Island rental house recently has a future as the centerpiece of a Dauphin Island eatery.

The huge fragment had been washed up by last season's storms. It had slammed into and destroyed or damaged some of the vacation rental houses on Dauphin Island's West End. It was recently found buried in the sand beneath one of the houses it damaged.

A Mobile area archaeologist had made plans to recover it and preserve the artifact. However his plans to recover the ship were scuttled recently due to lack of resources needed for recovery, transportation, storage and preservation.

Now the owners of two Dauphin Island restaurants have offered the use of their restaurant space to store the artifact, In time, this enormous chunk of the 19th century clipper cargo ship Robert H. Dixey is destined to become a centerpiece of the restaurant.

No word on what they intend to name the restaurant.


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