Saturday, April 15, 2006


Old Oil Found In Shipwreck


Komo News
April 13, 2006

OLYMPIA - The Coast Guard has patched a hole in the shipwreck Catala at Ocean Shores to prevent oil discovered inside the hulk from being disturbed.

The state Department of Ecology says the patch will give experts time to figure out the best way to remove the oil without disturbing the area's numerous nesting and migrating birds.

The Catala went aground decades ago, but ocean erosion has recently washed away sand and caused it to come back into view at Damon Point State Park.

The department says the situation is stable, but the oil poses a threat to the environment. It's not immediately known how many gallons of oil are involved.

The old, sticky oil is not highly flammable, but could smother sea life if released.

State parks officials are posting signs asking people to stay away from the shipwreck and the bushes and grasses where sensitive shorebirds are nesting.


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