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Shipwreck event planned at the lakeshore

May 05, 2006

HOLLAND--Michigan Shipwreck Research Associates presents the 8th annual "Mysteries & Histories beneath the Inland Seas" on Saturday, May 6.

The event will be at 7:00 PM at the Knickerbocker Theatre downtown. The cost is $12.50 at the door or free with a $25 MSRA membership or renewal.

This year's presenters include:
Ralph Wilbanks -- Famed author Clive Cussler's side scan sonar search expert who located the CSS Hunley confederate submarine in 1995 is back to tell of his search for John Paul Jones' ship, Bonhomme Richard in the North Sea and other great discoveries.
Dave Trotter -- Who will update the audience on 4 significant great Lakes shipwreck finds in 2005. Trotter's list of shipwreck finds is unparalleled in the Great Lakes!

MSRA -- MSRA presents two programs:
1: "Icebound: Found!" -- The 2005 discovery of the wreck of the S. S. Michigan which sank in 270 feet of water in 1885 after being stuck in the ice for 40 days. MSRA divers have captured the first underwater images of the vessel which is littered with significant artifacts. See the story at:

2. "Of Planes, Trains & Ships" -- How MSRA and Ralph Wilbanks re-discovered and identified the wreckage of the Great Lakes car ferry Ann Arbor number 5 off South Haven in 2005 while searching for the remains of Northwest Airlines Flight 2501. This car ferry was supposed to have been scrapped and no longer exist, but there it is --right off South Haven in 160 feet of water.

This program also includes an update on the Flight 2501 search which continues with Wilbanks in 2006. 56 years ago, the crash made world headlines as the worst air disaster in history. MRSA recently discovered the descendants of two crash victims, who travelled across the country to attend the program and take part in search operations being conducted as a joint venture between nationally acclaimed author Clive Cussler and MSRA.

Proceeds will be used to search for and document shipwrecks in Lake Michigan.


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