Thursday, October 05, 2006


Bronze Age canoe makes its first journey in more than 3,000 years


The Times
October 05, 2006

A Bronze Age canoe discovered during work on a gas pipeline made its first journey for more than 3,000 years yesterday when it was moved from west Wales to Newport for restoration.

Stonehenge was in its infancy when the one-tonne artefact, formed from a single trunk of oak and believed to be a dug-out canoe — but which may possibly be a cooking trough — last saw the light of day.

It was spotted by an archaeologist monitoring construction work on a National Grid gas pipeline between Milford Haven and Aberdulais. Surveys had identified the area near Milford Haven as a likely site for Bronze Age activity.

The artefact was lifted in a custom-built crate on to a lorry for the journey to Newport, where it was submerged in a tank of water to protect the ancient wood from the ravages of oxygen.

Neil Fairburn, a National Grid archaeologist, said he hoped that the canoe would be exhibited near Milford. “It is an awesome find,” he said.


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