Monday, December 18, 2006


Vikings to invade Ireland


The Copenhagen Post
December 18, 2006

The Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde has reconstructed a long ship from the Viking age to undertake a voyage to Dublin, Ireland

An exact reconstruction of a Viking ship from the 11th century will be launched in 2007 on a historic journey from Roskilde to Dublin and back.

Ship owner Carsten Brebøl's non-profit foundation has donated DKK 2 million to the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde to support the project. The new ship has been dubbed The Sea Stallion.

The original ship, Skulderlev 2, was built in Dublin in 1042 and found at the bottom of Roskilde Fiord in 1962. Since then the ship has been on display at the Viking Ship Museum.

The Sea Stallion, named one of twelve representatives of outstanding Danish design and craftsmanship in the Cultural Canon by the Ministry of Culture, has been built at the Viking Ship Museum Boat yard using the methods, materials and tools of the Viking Age. The boat has a length of 30 meters, a 3.8 meter width and a total of 60 oars. It can hold a crew of up to 100.

According to Tinna Damgård Sørensen, director of the museum, the ship will be manned by members of the Viking Ship Museum staff, as well as 120 volunteers who will take turns in joining the 70-man crew. Damgård Sørensen describes the project as 'the most ambitious ship archaeology research project ever undertaken.'

The Sea Stallion will begin its voyage to Dublin in July 2007 and is expected to sail back to Denmark in 2008. His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik is serving as patron of the voyage.

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