Tuesday, April 03, 2007


'Egypt's sunken treasures' attracts 1.2 million visitors


April 03, 2007

The "Egypt's sunken treasures" exhibition has attracted 1.2 million visitors until now. The exhibition is sponsored by the Hilti Foundation.

The exhibition's finds that were recovered by undersea archaeologist Franck Goddio from sunken cities off the Egyptian coast over the last ten years, proved a tremendous draw in Paris' Grand Palais, where they were shown after premiering in Berlin. The exhibition's viewing hours were extended several times due to the long lines of visitors. Towards the end of the run in Paris, visitors were able to view "Egypt's sunken treasures" until midnight.

The exhibition is certain to maintain this level of interest when making its third stop, at the Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany, in Bonn, where it will appear between April 5, 2007 and January 27, 2008.

Egbert Appel, General Manager of the Hilti Foundation: "The interest in the "Egypt's sunken treasures" exhibition is tremendous! The comprehensive support of Franck Goddio's work is one emphasis of the current cultural engagement of the Hilti Foundation. The significant number of visitors is not only an acknowledgement for Franck Goddio and his team, who have worked on the recovery and research of the artifacts and results shown in this exhibition for more than ten years. They also strengthen the Hilti Foundation's future resolve to sustainably support innovative projects that lead to new discoveries having worldwide appeal and significance."

Established and funded through the years by the Martin Hilti Family Trust, the Hilti Foundation is supported jointly by the Hilti Corporation and the Trust. The Hilti Foundation promotes selected sustainable projects and initiatives, particularly in the cultural, social and educational fields. The Martin Hilti Family Trust is the sole shareholder of the Hilti Group, which is active worldwide.


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