Monday, May 07, 2007


Shipwreck survivors' camp to be excavated


May o7, 2007

Archaeologists have won a Federal Government grant to excavate the camp used by the survivors of Tasmania's first shipwreck.

The crew of the Sydney Cove beached their ship on Preservation Island in 1797, because it was taking on water.

In the past 20 years the ship itself and parts of the survivors' camp have been dug up and studied, and the wreck project will now share in $400,000 worth of federal funding.

A conservator at Launceston's Queen Victoria Museum, Linda Clark, says the Sydney Cove's cargo has helped historians bring to life the earliest years of Australian settlement.

"It was only eight or nine years after the colony was established and although there were about five merchant ships that came from India to Australia, this is the earliest wreck," Ms Clark said.

"So it really gives us a fantastic insight into what goods were available to people living in the colony."


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