Thursday, December 20, 2007


Ship wreck provides historic data


The Gazette
December 20, 2007

A shipwreck off the south coast may provide valuable information about the nautical and economic history of the region, according to the Department of Antiquities.

The shipwreck at Mazotos is the first underwater research project to be exclusively run by Cypriot institutions.

The project was undertaken by the Research Unit of Archaeology of the University of Cyprus in agreement with the Department of Antiquities.

According to a statement from the Department of Antiquities, the shipwreck seems to have been a commercial vessel of the Late Classical period.

Part of the cargo of the ship lies on the sea bottom and consists of amphorae, most probably from Chios.

No other ceramic types were identified for the time being or any other parts of the ship (such as anchors) but the spatial distribution of the amphorae may indicate that the hull of the ship is buried under the sand.


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