Monday, January 21, 2008


Tides reveal remains of old shipwreck

January 21, 2008

FLORENCE, Ore. - It happens every year at about this time.

Winter currents and very low tides reveal the hull of an old shipwreck on the beach near Florence. She was the 121-foot-long "Bella".

Louis Campbell, who is curator of the Siuslaw Pioneer Museum, says the Bella was a local vessel launched in 1897 for the San Francisco trade, carrying lumber and salmon. She was fast, and could make the trip in about four days.

But her life was short.

Campbell says he believes it was in November of 1905 when the ship broke into three parts in heavy seas and little wind.

The Bella was a three-masted schooner, the type favored on West Coast because of wind patterns.

What's left can be seen at low tide, about two miles south of the Siuslaw River jetties.


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