Thursday, February 28, 2008


Public gets closer look at cannons discovered on beach


February 27, 2008

The public is getting an up-close look at two 18th-century cannons believed to have come from the same shipwreck as the cannon beach cannon.

The 18th century cannons were found last week on the beach at Arch Cape, just 100 feet from where the first cannon was found 110 years ago.

The cannons have Nehalem Bay locals feeling proud and archeologists ready to go to work.

For protection, the cannons were covered in burlap and submerged in fresh water. Then, with the public watching Tuesday, state parks workers opened the drains and revealed the two cannons, expected to be about 200 years old.

“It’s very amazing, fascinating. There's not enough words to describe it," said one excited onlooker.

The cannons will be stored in tubs and archeologists will soon begin peeling back the sediment.

Locals said the winter’s gale force winds made the discovery possible. The cannons had been buried under several feet of sand but Mother Nature blew all that away.

"Possibly two feet of sand and rock had been taken out in the last three weeks, so all of a sudden these things were unearthed,” one local told KGW.

Mike Petrone and his daughter found the first cannon and Sharisse Repp soon found another.

Historians think both of the cannons came from the same warship that produced the namesake of the town of Cannon Beach. Experts said before it came west, the USS Shark cruised the West Indies fighting pirates and the slave trade.

The Oregon Coast is dotted with shipwrecks but there are no doubt more secrets still under the sand.

The Columbia River Maritime Museum has an interactive map showing locations of other treasures and shipwrecks along the Oregon Coast.


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