Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Talk of the bay: Spanish paper floats name for Odyssey wreck


St. Petersburg Times
February 26, 2008

While Tampa-based Odyssey Marine Exploration says the identity of a North Carolina shipwreck it recently acquired has "not yet been confirmed," the Spanish newspaper El Pais speculates that Odyssey may be talking about El Salvador, a Spanish merchant ship that sank in 1750 with treasure aboard.

The treasure-hunting company could not be reached for comment late Monday, but someone anonymously registered the Internet domain name http://www.elsalvadorshipwreck.com/ on Feb. 21. That's the same day Odyssey announced it had acquired the legal right to pursue the North Carolina shipwreck - code-named "Firefly" - from BDJ Discovery Group of Beauford, N.C. Separately Monday, Odyssey disclosed that in exchange for those rights, it agreed to give BDJ 15 percent of any proceeds from the sale of Firefly artifacts, after deducting certain expenses.


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