Thursday, January 01, 2009


Maritime Texas Blog


January 01, 2009

We're pleased to announce the creation of Maritime Texas (, an interdisciplinary blog devoted to Texas maritime history and archaeology. Regular contributors include both professional and avocational researchers with backgrounds in history, anthropology/archaeology and other areas. Guest contributors are welcomed, as well.

Over time, the authors hope to include a range of contents including historical vignettes, <>today-in-history, book reviews, adventures/misadventures in research, field project updates, info on museums/exhibits, inland navigation, maritime photos, historic charts, travel opportunities/reports, unusual/interesting artifacts, interviews, research/fieldwork tips/tricks, or unusual stories or odd connections between seemingly unrelated events. And maybe a few current events as well.

Above all, the hope is that this new blog will provide opportunities for discussion, collaboration, and maybe some fun along the way.

Please visit Maritime Texas and subscribe the RSS feed (upper right on the page).


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